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387 Dark Green

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Dark Green

A high-quality semi-gloss RAF Dark Green acrylic or enamel paint for scale models and historical miniatures.

MAP Dark Green Color Guide:

  • MAP Dark Green was introduced in 1938 as a camouflage color for RAF ground-based aircraft. This scheme, called Temperate-Land, also involved the use of Dark Earth to paint the upper surfaces. The undersides of aircraft under this scheme were initially painted Night and White, and in 1940 were given the new color Sky (or its equivalent).
  • In August 1941, the Temperate Land scheme was replaced by a new Day Fighter scheme for RAF day fighter aircraft. This scheme called for the use of Dark Green and Ocean Gray camouflage over Medium Sea Grey.
  • MAP Dark Green was also used in tropical camouflage schemes for RAF aircraft in early World War II. From 1939-1940, tropical camouflage involved the use of Dark Green and Light Earth for the upper surfaces of the aircraft, while the undersides were painted Sky or Sky Blue. In December Dark Green was replaced by Middle Stone, and then in July 1941, it was again mistakenly reverted to tropical camouflage by AMO A.513/41. However, it was finally replaced by Dark Earth shortly after that.
  • Dark Green along with Dark Earth was used for WW2 day and night bombers throughout World War II. The lower surfaces were painted in Sky or Night colors respectively.
  • RAF WWII night fighters wore Dark green camouflage patches over an overall Medium Sea Grey paint scheme, which appeared lighter than Ocean Grey in standard fighter camouflage. Intruder aircraft in addition to this usually had Special Night painting of the undersides. This scheme lasted until 1951.
  • British aircraft in Temperate Land or Day Fighter camouflage supplied to the USSR under Lend-Lease usually retained their original colors, including Dark Green camouflage patches on the upper surfaces. The roundels on the upper surfaces were usually repainted AMT-4 or A-24m Green.
  • US-built aircraft delivered under Lend-Lease were usually painted in the USA directly at the aircraft factories. They were painted in the US equivalent of MAP Dark Green - initially DuPont 71-013 and then ANA 613 Olive Drab.
  • Dark Green was also supplied to Romania before the outbreak of World War II. It was used in the standard camouflage of Romanian aircraft between 1938 and 1942. This camouflage suggested the use of Dark Green and Dark Earth over Sky Blue.
  • Dark Green found its use in camouflage of RAF aircraft after WWII. Re-named BS 641, Dark Green, together with BS 638 Dark Sea Grey, was used to camouflage RAF day and night fighters in 1951-1965. The lower surfaces were painted in High-Speed Silver or BS 637 Medium Sea Grey respectively.
  • The 1951-1965 Overseas Scheme also proposed the use of standard BS 641 Dark Green and BS 638 Dark Sea Grey for the upper surfaces of the aircraft, while the lower surfaces were to be painted in BS 636 PRU Blue.
  • In 1965, a new camouflage was adopted for RAF tactical aircraft. This scheme continued to use BS 638 Dark Sea Grey in addition to Dark Green, which was re-designated BS 241 Dark Green. The undersides of the aircraft also received the new BS 627 Light Aircraft Grey paint scheme.
  • RAF bombers reverted to gray-green camouflage in 1964. This camouflage was to use BS 641 Dark Green and BS 637 Medium Sea Grey for the upper surfaces of the bombers. The lower surfaces were first painted Anti-Flash White, then in 1970, they turned to BS 627 Light Aircraft Gray, and in 1980, RAF bombers were given a wraparound camouflage of Dark Green and Medium Sea Grey (including the lower surfaces of the aircraft). This scheme was discontinued in 1984 with the retirement of Avro Vulcan aircraft, the RAF's last V-bombers.


Paint Type:

  • Acrylic A387s
  • Enamel E387s

Paint Finish:

  • Semi-gloss


  • 10ml. (0.33oz)