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373 Sky

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A high-quality semi-gloss Sky S Type / Dugg Egg Green acrylic or enamel paint for scale models and historical miniatures.

MAP Sky Color Guide:

  • MAP Sky or Duck Egg Green, or Sky Green as it is known in official documents, was a gray-green paint with a yellowish tint that was used to paint the undersides of British aircraft during World War II and in the postwar period.
  • In Sky type S, another name for this color, the S does not stand for its other shade, but for the smooth satin appearance of this paint.
  • MAP Sky was introduced as the color of the under surfaces of RAF aircraft in August 1940, following changes to the Temperate Land scheme, which proposed the use of Dark Earth and Dark Green to camouflage the upper surfaces of aircraft.
  • This change affected FAA aircraft as well. On December 12, 1940, Sky replaced Sky Grey, previously used to paint the undersides of aircraft in accordance with the Temperate Sea Scheme, a scheme widely used by Fleet Air Arm. This scheme involved painting the upper surfaces of FAA aircraft in Extra Dark Sea Grey and Dark Slate Grey.
  • In November 1940, the Sky also became an IFF color. According to regulations, RAF day fighters had to have Sky tail bands, and gradually the propeller spinners were also painted in this color.
  • Along with MAP Sky Blue, Sky was also used as the color of the lower surfaces in Tropical Land camouflage for RAF aircraft operating in Africa and the Middle East. This scheme suggested the use of Light Earth and Dark Green, or Middle Stone and Dark Earth, or Middle Stone and Dark Green, respectively, to camouflage the upper surfaces.
  • Sky was also used in the late WWII camouflage of RAF Coastal Command aircraft. This scheme called for Sky to be used to paint the lower surfaces of tactical aircraft such as the Beaufighter and Mosquito, while the upper surfaces were to be painted Extra Dark Sea Grey.
  • British aircraft in Temperate Land camouflage supplied to the USSR under the Lend-Lease program usually retained Sky-colored undersides with roundels repainted with an ÀМТ-7 Light Blue on wood or fabric surfaces or A-28g Light Blue on metal panels.
  • American aircraft delivered under the Lend-Lease program were painted directly at U.S. aircraft factories using American counterparts of the MAP Sky color. These were DuPont 71-021 and later ANA 610 Sky.
  • BS 210 Sky was used to paint the undersides of FAA aircraft in the post-war period and in particular during the Korean War and the Suez Crisis. The upper surfaces of such aircraft were to be painted BS 640 Extra Dark Sea Grey.
  • German Navy aircraft supplied by the UK, such as the Hawker Sea Hawk and Fairey Gannet, retained the original British paint scheme. The upper surfaces were painted BS 640 Extra Dark Sea Grey and the lower surfaces were BS 210 Sky.


Paint Type:

  • Acrylic A373s
  • Enamel E373s

Paint Finish:

  • Semi-gloss


  • 10ml. (0.33oz)