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595 FS 17038 Black

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FS 17038 Black

A high-quality semi-gloss US black acrylic or enamel paint for aircraft scale models and creative work.

FS 17038 Black Color Guide:

  • FS 17038 Black was widely used for insignia, markings, and stencils on U.S. arms from the mid-1950s. This color replaced ANA 604 Black, previously used for aircraft, and Black No.10 for ground vehicles.
  • FS 37038 Black, a matt version of the FS 17038, along with Earth Red FS 30117 and Sand FS 30277 was widely used for non-standardized ad hoc camouflage of US Army equipment during the Vietnam War.
  • FS 37038 Black was also used extensively in MERDC camouflages for US vehicles and was used in perhaps all schemes except Winter Arctic camouflage.
  • FS 17038 Black was widely used to paint the anti-glare panels and radomes of U.S. aircraft beginning in the mid-1950s.
  • During the Korean War, U.S. Air Force strategic aircraft such as the B-29 had the lower surfaces camouflaged in FS 17038 Black, retaining the upper surfaces in the natural metallic finish.
  • FS 37038 Black was used to camouflage US Army helicopters during the Vietnam War. This color was used to paint the tail sections in addition to the black anti-glare nose panels.
  • FS 17038 Black was used for the night variant of the TAC SEA (Tactical Air Command South East Asia)aircraft camouflage introduced in the 1960s. FS 17038 Black was used for the lower surfaces of the aircraft, while the upper surfaces had Dark Tan FS 30219, Medium Green FS 34102, and Forest Green FS 34079 camouflage. A daytime variant of this scheme was to use Camouflage Gray FS 36622 instead of FS 17038 Black.
  • As with TAC SEA, FS 17038 Black was also used to camouflage the undersides of strategic aircraft painted in the SAC SEA (Strategic Air Command Southeast Asia) scheme. The upper surfaces of such aircraft had the disruptive camouflage of SAC Bomber Tan FS 34201, SAC Bomber Green FS 34159, and Forest Green FS 34079.
  • FS 37038 Black was also used for the multi-color Land camouflage on USMC helicopters introduced in 1985. In addition to FS 17038 Black, this scheme also included FS 34095 Medium Field Green and FS 35237 Blue Gray.
  • FS 37038 Black was also widely used to paint the cockpits of US Army and USMC helicopters from the 1970s onwards. The troop compartment of such aircraft was painted FS 36231, standard for modern U.S. military aircraft since the 1960s.


Paint Type:

  • Acrylic A595s
  • Enamel E595s

Paint Finish:

  • Semi-gloss


  • 10ml. (0.33oz)