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598 FS 34102 Medium Green

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FS 34102 Medium Green

A high-quality semi-gloss US medium green acrylic or enamel paint for aircraft scale models and creative work.

FS 34102 Medium Green Color Guide:

  • FS 34102 has been used to camouflage both aircraft and vehicles for the USAF and the US Army & USMC, respectively. However, FS 34102 used for camouflage of U.S. Air Force aircraft is usually labeled Medium Green, while FS 34102 for ground vehicles is designated Dark Green.
  • FS 34102 Dark Green was used for the MERDC Tropics Verdnant camouflage used on US Army vehicles in the early 1970s. In addition to FS 34102 Dark Green, this scheme also included FS 34079 Forest Green, FS 34151 Light Green, and FS 37038 Black.
  • FS 34102 Medium Green was featured in the US Air Force's TAC SEA (Tactical Air Command South East Asia) aircraft camouflage scheme. This scheme was introduced in the 1960s and lasted until the late 1980s. This scheme called for the use of Medium Green FS 34102, Forest Green FS 34079, Dark Tan FS 30219 for the upper surfaces, and Camouflage Gray FS 36622 for the lower surfaces of the aircraft respectively. For night operating aircraft, the lower surfaces were painted FS 17038 Black.
  • FS 34102 Medium Green was originally specified for the TAC Euro I camouflage scheme used on the A-10A aircraft. Along with FS 34102 Medium Green, this wrap-around camouflage suggested the use of camouflage patches of FS 34092 Dark Green and FS 36118 Medium Gunship Gray. The latter was soon replaced by FS 36081 Dark Gunship Gray.
  • FS 34102 Medium Green was also used in the MAC Euro I (Military Airlift Command) camouflage used on USAF transport aircraft in Europe in the 1980s. This scheme used the same colors as the early version of the TAC Euro I camouflage, FS 34102 Medium Green, FS 34092 Dark Green, and FS 36118 Medium Gunship Gray, respectively.


Paint Type:

  • Acrylic A598s
  • Enamel E598s

Paint Finish:

  • Semi-gloss


  • 10ml. (0.33oz)