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596 FS 36622 Camouflage Gray

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FS 36622 Camouflage Gray

A high-quality semi-gloss US light camouflage gray acrylic or enamel paint for aircraft scale models and creative work.

FS 36622 Camouflage Gray Color Guide:

  • FS 36622 Camouflage Gray was used primarily to camouflage US Air Force tactical aircraft painted in the TAC SEA scheme from the Vietnam War onward. In this camouflage, FS 36622 Camouflage Gray was used for the lower surfaces. The upper surfaces of the aircraft were to be painted in the three-color camouflage Dark Tan FS 30219, Medium Green FS 34102, and Forest Green FS 34079. For night operational aircraft, the lower surfaces were painted in Black FS 17038 instead of Camouflage Gray FS 36622. This was a quite long-lived scheme, introduced in the 1960s and retained on some US aircraft until the late 1980s.


Paint Type:

  • Acrylic A596s
  • Enamel E596s

Paint Finish:

  • Semi-gloss


  • 10ml. (0.33oz)