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set 2003 Luftwaffe Ta 152s

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Luftwaffe Ta 152s

In the final throes of World War II, the Ta 152 emerged as a testament to German engineering prowess and a desperate bid to challenge Allied air superiority. Crafted under Kurt Tank's guidance at Focke-Wulf, this advanced fighter aircraft represented a significant advancement from its predecessor, the Fw 190.

Entering service in 1945, the Ta 152 boasted remarkable speed, altitude capabilities, and overall performance, powered by the potent Daimler-Benz DB 603 engine. Its sleek design promised a formidable challenge to Allied pilots.

Among the units entrusted with the Ta 152 was Jagdgeschwader 301 (JG 301), formed in late 1943. Skilled pilots, including aces like Willi Reschke, flew the Ta 152 in desperate sorties to defend German airspace against Allied incursions.

In addition to frontline units, specialized groups like Erprobungskommando Ta 152 played a pivotal role. Comprising skilled test pilots and technical experts, they meticulously evaluated the Ta 152's performance, contributing to its refinement and combat readiness.

Operating under challenging conditions, Erprobungskommando Ta 152's efforts ensured the Ta 152 met the Luftwaffe's rigorous standards for a high-performance fighter aircraft. Their dedication paved the way for its deployment with units like JG 301, where it engaged Allied forces in fierce aerial battles.

Though the Ta 152's impact on the war's outcome was limited, its legacy endures as a symbol of German innovation and the bravery of pilots, who flew it in the final stages of World War II.

Use Guide for the Set Luftwaffe Ta 152s

  • Following message GL/C-E 10 Nr.10585/43 (IVE) Az.82b dated August 21, 1944, a new two-color green camouflage scheme was introduced to replace the previous gray camouflage of RLM 74 and RLM 75 used for fighters and ground-attack aircraft.
  • The new green scheme involved the use of colors "81" (RLM 81) and "82" (RLM 82). The undersides of the fighters retained the previous RLM 76 color.
  • As some sources claim, in the final years of WWII, the color "83" (RLM 83) could have been used as a replacement for RLM 81 or RLM 82.
  • Parts for Ta 152s, as well as other late models of the Fw 190, were manufactured and painted by various suppliers separately, resulting in noticeable differences in camouflage colors on the wing surfaces and fuselages of the aircraft.
  • In January 1945, the Ta 152s were assigned to the III./Jagdgeschwader 301 unit, and later to the Stabstaffel JG 301, which was to be exclusively armed with aircraft of this type.
  • Luftwaffe squadrons during that time had distinct identification markings - Reichsverteidigung (Reich Defense) bands on the fuselage. For JG 301, this was a band consisting of yellow and red colors RLM 27 and RLM 23, respectively.

Set Luftwaffe Ta 152s Includes:

  • 261 RLM 81b Dunkelgrün (Dark Green) - A dark olive green camouflage color of the upper surfaces.
  • 263 RLM 82 Hellgrün (Light green) - A light green camouflage color of the upper surfaces.
  • 262 RLM 83 Dunkelgrün (Dark Green)- A dull dark green camouflage color of the engine panels and fuselage.
  • 269 RLM 76 Lichtblau (Light Blue) - A light blue color of the lower surfaces.
  • 288 RLM 27 Gelb (Yellow) - A yellow color of the Reich Defense fuselage bands.
  • 292 RLM 23 Rot (Red) - A bright red color of the Reich Defense fuselage bands.


This Set is Best for:

  • Focke-Wulf Fw 190
  • Focke-Wulf Ta 152

Paint Type:

  • Acrylic A2003
  • Enamel E2003

Paint Finish:

  • Semi-gloss


  • 6 x 10 ml. (6 x 0.33oz)