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220 RAL 7009 Hellgrau (Light Grey)

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E220s RAL 7009 Hellgrau (Light Grey)

Saturated color  10ml. (0.33oz)

Authentic paint: Reichswehr, Wehrmacht

RAL 7009 Feldgrau was the field gray color of the Reichswehr during World War I. RAL 7009 Feldgrau was used for uniform painting of vehicles, mainly vehicles that were used in the rear. Until the late 1920s it was used to paint equipment and ammunition. In the 1920s it was replaced by Field Gray No. 3

Used for painting:

  • Full paint job on Reichswehr vehicles used in the back lines
  • Cookware. gas mask cans, steel helmets, ammunition boxes, mainly equipment and small material
  • Vehicles, dirigibles, airplanes
  • Horse-drawn wagons, motorcycles and sidecars
  • Painting of the interior of the Wehrmacht armored vehicles, the lower part of the fighting compartment
  • Uniforms of soldiers and officers of the Wehrmacht
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