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212 RAL 6007 Grün (Green)

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E212s RAL 6007 Grün (Green)

Saturated color  10ml. (0.33oz)

Authentic paint Wehrmacht

According to an order in H.V.Bl. No. 49 of 26 September 1923 it was stated that in the case of the need to restore or renew the Buntfarbebanstrich tricolor camouflage of automobiles and armored vehicles, the colors that had been defined in annex 6 of H.Dv. 488/1, dated April 20, 1933. The colors used were selected from the Farbkarte - color chart - 840 B2 of June 1932. The colors used for Buntfarbenanstrich were Erdgelb (earth yellow) No. 17 (RAL 8002), Grün (green) No. 28 (RAL 6007) and Braun (brown) No. 18 (RAL 8010). Schwarz (black) No. 5 (RAL 9005) could be used as a border around camouflage patches. The three-color Buntfarbebanstrich was used for a long time, almost 20 years. The camouflage patterns applied varied depending on when the equipment was produced. At first the color was applied with brushes, later with sprayers

Used for painting:

  • Camouflage of cars and armored vehicles of the Wehrmacht
  • Equipment, gas-masks, kitchen utensils, water bottles, ammunition boxes, etc.
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