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207 RAL 8000 Gelbbraun (Yellow Brown)

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E207s RAL 8000 Gelbbraun (Yellow Brown)

Saturated color  10ml. (0.33oz)

Authentic paint Wehrmacht

According to Wehrmacht order HM 281, issued in March 1941, which regulated the use of equipment used in Africa, RAL 8000 Gelbbraun was to be used as the main color in the camouflage used in Africa. It states that vehicles and armored vehicles were to be painted 1/3 in RAL 7008 gray-green and 2/3 in RAL 8000 yellow-brown. Smaller areas as well as the rims and running wheels of tracked vehicles were to be painted the same color. But in spite of the order many Wehrmacht tanks in Africa were painted entirely in RAL 8000. Also vehicles and armored vehicles with African camouflage were actively involved in combat operations on the Eastern Front

Used for painting:

  • Monochrome camouflage of Wehrmacht vehicles and armored vehicles (1942)
  • Camouflage for Afrika Korps vehicles in conjunction with 219 RAL 7008 or 212 RAL 6007 (1941)