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175 AMT-7 Golubaya

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AMT-7 Golubaya

A high-quality semi-gloss Soviet light blue acrylic or enamel paint for scale models and creative work.

AMT-7 Light Blue Color Guide:

  • AMT-7 Golubaya is an authentic Soviet WW2 light blue color (Rus: Голубая [ɡɐˈlubəjə], meaning literally: Light Blue).
  • AMT-7 was introduced in the summer of 1941 primarily for coloring of the lower surfaces of the aircraft.
  • The paint AMT-7 Blue was exclusively used to paint the undersurfaces of aircraft with mixed-material and wooden construction. Its counterpart, A-28g Golubaya, was applied to aircraft with all-metal skin.
  • AMT-7 was utilized throughout the entirety of the Second World War for painting the undersurfaces of both fighters and bombers. It was initially used in the early camouflage schemes of World War II, with aircraft sporting upper surfaces in AMT-4 Zelonaya (Green) and AMT-6 Chornaya (Black). As camouflage standards evolved in 1943, AMT-7 was also employed for painting the undersurfaces of fighters with upper surfaces in AMT-11 Sero-Golubaya (Light Blue Gray) and AMT-12 Tyomnoseraya (Dark Gray). In addition to fighter camouflage schemes, the color AMT-7 was also incorporated into late multi-colored bomber camouflage, which included AMT-4 Zelonaya (Green), AMT-1 Svetlokorichnevaya (Light Brown), and AMT-12 Tyomnoseraya (Dark Gray).


Paint Type:

  • Acrylic A175s
  • Enamel E175s

Paint Finish:

  • Semi-gloss


  • 10ml. (0.33oz)