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3005 RAF WW2 Night Fighters

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Thematic set of paints "RAF WW2 Night Fighters" (#3005)

The "RAF WW2 Night Fighters" suitable for WW2 night fighter aircrafts

The set consists of 6 paints of 10 ml. Set contains:

  • 360 Night - Overall color of RAF night aircrafts
  • 381 Grey Green - Interior color of RAF aircrafts: wheel wells, bomb bays, etc
  • 374 Sky Grey - Color of code lettering of RAF night fighter aircrafts until July2, 1942
  • 358 Red - Code lettering and markings of RAFnight fighters according to the AMO A.664/42.  Inner surface color of fabric covering of RAF aircrafts
  • 357 Blue - Insignia and markings of RAF WW2 aircrafts
  • 078 Exhaust Manifold - Flame dampers (suppressors) and exhaust manifolds

Suggested models:

  • Bristol BLENHEIM
  • Bristol Beaufighter
  • de Havilland Mosquito
  • Hawker Hurricane
  • Supermarine Spitfire, etc
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