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403 Hopean Harmaa

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Hopean Harmaa

A high-quality semi-gloss WW2 Finnish silver gray acrylic or enamel paint for scale models and creative work.

Finnish Silver Gray Color Guide:

  • Hopean Harmaa (Finnish: Hopean Harmaa [ˈhopeæn ˈharmɑː], meaning literally: silver gray) was a light gull gray color used for painting the undersides of Finnish WW2 aircraft.
  • Hopean Harmaa was used as the color of the undersides of aircraft such as Fokker C.V (FO), Fokker C.X (FK), Fokker D.XXI (FR), Gloster Gladiator (GL), Morane-Saulnier M.S.406 (MS), Morane-Saulnier M.S.410 (MS), VL Pyry (PY), Polikarpov I-15 (VH), Polikarpov I-16 (VH), Polikarpov I-153 (VH), etc.
  • In 1942, Hopean Harmaa was abolished, and Vaalean Sininen was introduced, a new uniform light blue camouflage color for the undersides of Finnish aircraft. Therefore, all aircraft that had silver-gray lower surfaces were gradually repainted light blue, following this regulation.


Paint Type:

  • Acrylic A403s
  • Enamel E403s

Paint Finish:

  • Semi-gloss


  • 10ml. (0.33oz)