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set 3008 RAF Aircraft over MTO

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RAF Aircraft over MTO

In the Mediterranean Theater of Operations during World War II, the Royal Air Force played a pivotal role in confronting Axis forces and safeguarding Allied interests. From 1941 until the war's conclusion, the skies over the Mediterranean witnessed the deployment of various RAF aircraft and the emergence of legendary pilots.

The iconic Supermarine Spitfire, renowned for its agility and speed, became a symbol of British airpower and was instrumental in critical battles over the Mediterranean. Engagements such as the Siege of Malta, lasting from 1940 to 1942, saw the Spitfire, along with other aircraft like the Hawker Hurricane and the Bristol Beaufighter, defending the strategically crucial island against relentless Axis attacks.

The Beaufighter, a twin-engine heavy fighter, proved particularly effective in night operations and anti-shipping missions, contributing significantly to the RAF's success in the region. The Battle of El Alamein further showcased the prowess of RAF aircraft, with the Hawker Hurricane and other types playing crucial roles in securing air superiority over the Mediterranean.

The RAF faced formidable adversaries in the MTO, including the German Luftwaffe and the Italian Regia Aeronautica. Aircraft such as the Messerschmitt Bf 109 and the Focke-Wulf Fw 190 presented significant challenges, demanding exceptional skill and determination from RAF pilots.

Notable RAF pilots, like George Beurling, a Canadian ace known as the "Falcon of Malta," achieved remarkable success in defending the island. Their contributions underscored the commitment and courage of the RAF, significantly impacting the overall success of the Allies in the Mediterranean. The lessons learned during these challenging campaigns played a vital role in shaping the future of aerial warfare tactics and strategies post-World War II.

Use Guide for the Set RAF Aircraft over MTO

  • The Desert camouflage scheme was introduced in July 1942 for RAF aircraft operating in the Mediterranean, North Africa, and the Middle East.
  • Desert Scheme suggested using Middle Stone and Dark Earth camouflage over lower surfaces painted in Azure Blue.
  • This set consists of MAP colors for British-built or foreign aircraft in RAF service, repainted in desert colors. American-built aircraft, originally designed for desert operations, were painted in US colors similar to their UK counterparts.

Set RAF Aircraft over MTO Includes:

  • 361 Middle Stone - An upper surface sand desert camouflage color.
  • 389 Dark Earth - An upper surface olive-brown desert camouflage color.
  • 368 Azure Blue - A light purplish blue color of the lower surfaces.
  • 367 Light Mediterranean Blue - An alternate darker blue lower surface color seen on some Lend-Lease aircraft such as Kittyhawk, Tomahawk, and Baltimore.
  • 358 Red - A dull red color used for aircraft letter codes, prop cones, and markings.
  • 360 Night - A bluish-black color of the lower surfaces for night operations. This color was also used for the upper parts of aircraft cockpits from mid-1942.


This Set is Best for:

  • Bristol Beaufighter
  • Bristol Blenheim
  • Curtiss P-40 Tomahawk
  • Curtiss P-40 Kittyhawk
  • Douglas Boston
  • Hawker Hurricane
  • Martin 167 Maryland
  • Martin 187 Baltimore
  • Martin B-26 Marauder
  • Supermarine Spitfire
  • Westland Lysander
  • Vickers Wellesley
  • Vickers Wellington, etc.

Paint Type:

  • Acrylic A3008
  • Enamel E3008

Paint Finish:

  • Semi-gloss


  • 6 x 10 ml. (6 x 0.33oz)