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279 RLM 66 Schwarzgrau

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RLM 66 Schwarzgrau

A high-quality semi-gloss WW2 Luftwaffe cockpit black-gray acrylic or enamel paint for scale models and historical miniatures.

RLM 66 Black Gray Color Guide:

  • RLM 66 Schwarzgrau was introduced in 1938 according to L.Dv. 521/1.
  • Since 1938 and until 1941 RLM 66 Schwarzgrau (or aviation lacquer 7107.66) was commonly used for painting the instrument panels of Luftwaffe aircraft.
  • After the revision of L.Dv. 521/1 in November 1941, all cockpit and crew areas of Luftwaffe aircraft visible through the glazing were to be RLM 66 Dark Gray. Invisible parts retained in RLM 02 Grau.
  • Some sources say that both Junkers and Heinkel painted the cockpits of bomber aircraft in RLM 66 from 1940.
  • Along with Heinkel and Junkers, Messerschmitt fighter cockpits were also commonly painted RLM 66 Black Gray in 1940 before it became mandatory under the November 1941 revision of L.Dv. 521/1.
  • At the end of World War II, due to paint shortages, some undercarriage parts of German aircraft, such as the He 162 or Me 262, could be painted in RLM 66 Black Gray instead of RLM 02.


Paint Type:

  • Acrylic A279s
  • Enamel E279s

Paint Finish:

  • Semi-gloss


  • 10ml. (0.33oz)