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217 RAL 1006 Gelb (Yellow)

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E217s RAL 1006 Gelb (Yellow)

Saturated color  10ml. (0.33oz)

Authentic paint: Kaiserlitz Reichswehr, Wehrmacht

217 RAL 1006 Gelb is one of the camouflage colors of the Kaiserlitz Reichswehr introduced in 1916. It consisted of Grün Nr. 28 with pointed flecks of 217 RAL 1006 Gelb and Braun Nr. 18. The colors were separated from each other by a black band 213 RAL 9005 Schwarz. In 1922 the Wehrmacht introduced the Buntfarbenanstrich camouflage scheme with the above colors retained. The sharply angled areas as well as the black border disappeared and were replaced by larger spots. These were originally painted with a brush (which created a hard transition), but no later than the mid-1920s they were spray applied, resulting in a soft blurring of the edge of the spots. This camouflage scheme, introduced in 1922, was used until 1937.

Used for painting:

  • Basic color from the three-color camouflage of Rheiswehr and Wehrmacht armored vehicles (1916-1937)
  • Marking, tactical signs of cars and armored vehicles of the Wehrmacht
  • Bicycle painting
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