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206 RAL 8020 Gelbbraun (Yellow Brown)

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E206f RAL 8020 Gelbbraun (Yellow Brown)

Saturated color  10ml. (0.33oz)

Authentic paint Wehrmacht

The Wehrmacht decree No 315 of March 1942 regulated the use of the new colors RAL 7027 Sand Grey and RAL 8020 Sand Yellow for Wehrmacht vehicles stationed in Africa from 25.03.1942. Vehicles and armored vehicles painted in this African color were also used on the Eastern Front and on the Crete from July 1942

Used for painting:

  • Camouflage for cars and armored vehicles of the Afrika Korps (DAK) in conjunction with RAL 7027 Grau (1942)
  • Field painting of gas mask containers, cooking utensils and steel helmets