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597 FS 34079 Forest Green

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FS 34079 Forest Green

A high-quality semi-gloss US forest green acrylic or enamel paint for aircraft scale models and creative work.

FS 34079 Forest Green Color Guide:

  • FS 34079 Forest Green has been widely used to camouflage modern US Army and USMC vehicles as well as US Air Force aircraft.
  • FS 34079 Forest Green was used for various MERDC schemes on US Army and USMC vehicles introduced in the early 1970s.
  • FS 34079 Forest Green was included in the MERDC Winter Verdant camouflage along with FS 30118 Field Drab, FS 30277 Sand, and Black FS 37038.
  • FS 34079 Forest Green was also applicable to the Snow, Trees & Shrubs MERDC scheme which also called for using White FS 37825, FS 30277 Sand, and Black FS 37038.
  • The Summer Verdant MERDC scheme also suggested using FS 34079 Forest Green. In addition to this color, the patches of Light Green FS 34151, Sand FS 30277, and Black FS 37038 were to be applied.
  • The Tropical Verdant MERDC scheme also used FS 34079 Forest Green as one of the camouflage colors. Other colors involved were Dark Green FS 34102, Light Green FS 34151, and Black FS 37038.
  • FS 34079 Forest Green was also used as the unified color of US Army and USMC vehicles, introduced in 1975. All vehicles remained fully painted FS 34079 Forest Green until the mid-1980s when the standard NATO 3-color scheme was implemented.
  • FS 34079 Forest Green was used to camouflage US Air Force aircraft under the TAC SEA (Tactical Air Command South East Asia) scheme introduced in the 1960s. Along with FS 34079, this scheme also called for the use of Dark Tan 30219 and FS 34102 for upper surface camouflage. The lower surfaces, according to this scheme, were to be painted in Camouflage Gray FS 36622 for day operations and black FS 17038 for night operations, respectively.
  • FS 34079 Forest Green was also used for camouflage of strategic and bomber aircraft of the US Air Force in 1960-1980. During this period, the SAC SIOP (Strategic Air Command Single Integrated Operational Plan) and SAC SEA (Strategic Air Command South East Asia) schemes were used to paint these aircraft. FS 34079 Forest Green, FS 34201 SAC Bomber Tan, and SAC Bomber Green FS 34159 were applied to the upper surfaces of the aircraft. Black FS 17038 for SAC SEA aircraft and Insignia White FS 17875 for SAC SIOP aircraft, respectively, were applied to the lower surfaces.
  • FS 34079 Forest Green was also used in some variants of the US Air Force's Euro I TAC aircraft camouflage schemes in the 1980s. FS 34079 Forest Green, along with FS 36081 Dark Gunship Gray, was used in a two-color Euro I camouflage for LTV A-7 Corsair II aircraft. The three-color version of this TAC Euro I camouflage used on the F-4 Phantom also included FS 34012 Medium Green in addition to FS 34079 and FS 36081 Dark Gunship Gray.


Paint Type:

  • Acrylic A597s
  • Enamel E597s

Paint Finish:

  • Semi-gloss


  • 10ml. (0.33oz)