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551 FS 34087 Olive Drab

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Paint Type

FS 34087 Olive Drab

A high-quality semi-gloss US Army olive drab acrylic or enamel paint for aircraft scale models and creative work.

FS 34087 Olive Drab Color Guide:

  • FS 34087 Olive Drab was introduced in March 1956 under the new specification FED-STD-595A, replacing the color Olive Drab 3412 from the previously used specification TT-C-595.
  • FS 34087 was redesignated FS 34088 in 1974, but it may have continued to be designated as FS 34087 as long as stock remained in inventory and there may have been some confusion in documentation.
  • FS 34087 Olive Drab was used primarily for Army aviation camouflage (mostly helicopters) between 1964 and 1985.
  • During the Vietnam War, some helicopters originally intended for the US Army were supplied to USMC units. Although the USMC helicopters at that time had their distinctive FS 34095 Medium Field Green camouflage color scheme, they retained the original FS 34087 Olive Drab camouflage.
  • In 1985, a new camouflage scheme was introduced for painting U.S. Army helicopters, using a new darker color FS 34031 Helo Drab instead of FS 34087 Olive Drab.
  • FS 34087 Olive Drab has been used extensively to paint US general-purpose aircraft bombs from the 1960s until the present day.


Paint Type:

  • Acrylic A551s
  • Enamel E551s

Paint Finish:

  • Semi-gloss


  • 10ml. (0.33oz)