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260 RLM 65 Hellblau Ausg. 1941

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Paint Type

RLM 65 Hellblau Ausgabe 1941

High-quality semi-gloss German WWII aircraft light blue acrylic or enamel paint for scale models and historical miniatures.

RLM 65 Light Blue version 1941 Color Guide:

  • RLM 65 Hellblau ver. 1941 was used throughout World War II to paint the undersides of German bombers.
  • The RLM 65 Light Blue ver. 1941 replaced its earlier counterpart, the RLM 65 ver. 1938, used for both fighters and bombers.
  • In addition to painting the undersides of the aircraft, the Germans also used the RLM 65 v. 1941 to apply irregular blotches and mottling over the standard camouflage on the upper surfaces. This was to better camouflage naval aircraft over seascapes. A similar practice was used to camouflage some night operational aircraft converted from day bombers and recon planes (Junkers Ju 88, Focke-Wulf Fw 189, etc.)
  • RLM 65 was discontinued in mid-1944 when new camouflages for German aircraft were introduced. From then on, the undersides of both bombers and fighters had to be painted in the color RLM 76 Lichtblau.


Paint Type:

  • Acrylic A260s
  • Enamel E260s

Paint Finish:

  • Semi-gloss


  • 10ml. (0.33oz)