(# 1001) Thematic set of ARCUS paints "WW2 Soviet Sturmovik"

(# 1001) Thematic set of ARCUS paints "WW2 Soviet Sturmovik"

Arcus is a Ukrainian manufacturer of authentic paints, which has a large assortment of enamel paints, varnishes and metallics in 10 ml plastic bottles.

The set "WW2 Soviet Sturmovik" number (# 1001) is supplied in a card box inside which there are six 10 ml plastic bottles with white plastic lids.

The set contains paints necessary for camouflage of attack aircraft and bombers of the Red Army Air Force. The kit is suitable for three-color camouflage of the Red Army Air Force aircraft of a wooden or mixed design during the Second World War (since July 1943)

The paint is undiluted, therefore, for use with an airbrush, it must be diluted 1 to 1 with Arcus branded thinner or ordinary White Spirit. After dilution, the paint can be sprayed perfectly, it is best to apply a light layer, give it a little time (20-30 seconds) and then apply another layer, so repeating (without waiting) until the desired result.

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